Creativity, perseverance, research in new developments are the key to continue in the highly competitive market for the achievement of an adequate product and a continuous search for leadership and expansion.

R&D - Research and development

The company is firmly committed to R & D in order to improve the quality parameters of the products obtained, as well as achieving a reduction in the environmental "costs" of generating our biodiesel, looking for new product alternatives and of processes that help reduce CO2 emissions.


Socially compromised

Greenfuel, compromiso socialGreen Fuel Extremadura has as a company culture due attention to the development and evolution of environmental training and its influence on the future of society. Our thinking is nourished and supported by three great sources of knowledge: the ecological enterprise, the ethical and aesthetic values of nature and the commitment acquired with society through integration at the local level in order to promote the development of the area.

The social responsibility created by this renewable energy company for the evolution of the future of the environment and citizens is a source of inspiration for a world in constant transformation towards a sustainable development with our environment. We adapt continuously to the demands that society demands of us and we are totally identified with its conclusions.

We take the idea of formulating a philosophy, social and ecological activism, an ethics for our relationship with the environment and the community. It is a constant search for our technical improvements in the production of ecological energy and in the social structure and its relationship with natural resources. At Green Fuel we have collected this commitment, fostering these essential values of change and acting consistently through different social education projects, fostering the ecology culture, research towards renewable energies and the advantages of a responsible recycling of the community with the nature.

Green Fuel in order to promote the social activity of the area is immersed in all the sports, economic and social activities that are proposed to give a greater social and economic fabric to activities around environmental awareness and social inclusion.

Among the main activities that has led the company are the following;

  • School campaign of used oils awareness,

  • Campaign of social awareness of the different uses of used oil.

  • Sports activities of social insertion.

About Us

Greenfuel Extremadura S.A.

Aware of the global interest in reducing gas emissions and energy dependence, our goal is to produce biofuels based on sustainable raw materials.

National Road N-630, km. 675,7 - Postal Code 06230 Los Santos de Maimona, Badajoz (Spain)

Main Phone: 924 96 90 66