You can not spend a single day without having an impact on the world around us. What we do makes a difference, and we have to decide what kind of difference we want to make.

Jane Goodall

Our mission and vision

Greenfuel instalaciones

Aware of the global interest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing energy dependence, our goal is to produce biofuels based on sustainable raw materials.

BIODIESEL is produced from a wide range of raw materials including waste vegetable oils, used cooking oils, all recycled efficiently and effectively to allow us to be a benchmark of sustainable biofuels with high potential for valorization in the European Union.




At GREEN FUEL we bet on the future and that future is already here:

Second generation biofuel

Another objective is to acquire a high level of competitiveness through research and development to offer a product with characteristics that meet the needs of our customers, their expectations and also improve a quality management system that provides the framework for continuous improvement and compliance with all legal and sustainability requirements.



The plant has Wesfalia technology that has been adapted to waste production processes both high and low acidity, which enables production with raw materials coming from other production processes such as olein and fatty acids of the chemical or physical refining , of the collection of frying of vegetable oils, category 1 fats, and other vegetable residues. In order to process this type of raw materials, the plant has a preparation in which the residual oils are conditioned, which in later stages will pass to the reaction stages. According to the acidity of the residual oil, it will be sent for its reaction to the transesterification lines (low acidity oils) or esterification (high acidity oils). Glycerin with a concentration of 80% is obtained as a by-product.

About Us

Greenfuel Extremadura S.A.

Aware of the global interest in reducing gas emissions and energy dependence, our goal is to produce biofuels based on sustainable raw materials.

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