In the current competitive market, we understand the importance of on-time delivery, maintaining the integrity of the product. Our global approach is characterized by the emphasis on expense control and efficiency, thanks to custom port operations to minimize transportation costs. Our logistics and transport services are supported by a network of trains, trucks and ships to move our raw materials and our final products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week giving confidence, security and savings to our suppliers and customers. We have permanent storage in the ports of Sevilla (sevitrade) Huelva (Decal) and transport by train from Zafra (Extremadura) to the ports.


Green Fuel Extremadura, is strategically located in Los Santos de Maimona (Badajoz), Extremadura. This privileged location allows easy access to the main distribution centers and collection of the finished product and the raw material such as the southern ports of the Iberian Peninsula such as the ports of Seville (130 km), Cádiz (250 km), Huelva (210 km) and Lisbon (290 km). Likewise, the plant is at a central point in relation to the largest raw material collectors locally and in Portugal. The plant also has access to a railway line in which the loads and discharges of the finished product (biodiesel) and raw materials (oils) are carried out. How much with a transport company that works directly for the collection of used oils, and transportation of products (biodiesel) and byproducts (glycerin).


With operational facilities at the Los Santos de Maimona plant and the ports of Seville (Servitrade), Huelva (Decal), Dominican Republic, Colombia, the United States, and Venezuela for the handling of our raw materials and finished products, we are committed to even more protecting the integrity of the products we produce. That is why we continually invest in maximizing our management efficiency to offer high quality products to our customers.

About Us

Greenfuel Extremadura S.A.

Aware of the global interest in reducing gas emissions and energy dependence, our goal is to produce biofuels based on sustainable raw materials.

National Road N-630, km. 675,7 - Postal Code 06230 Los Santos de Maimona, Badajoz (Spain)

Main Phone: 924 96 90 66