ISCC Certification obtained through CGN
"The GREEN FUEL EXTREMADURA plant has the ISCC certification which guarantees that the product offered to the market is sustainable and therefore the product offered may be double counted to comply with the biofuel obligation. ISCC is one of the leading systems for sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions that allows you to document and certify the traceability of raw materials, guaranteeing their sustainable use. Green Fuel was one of the companies dedicated to the production of biodiesel pioneers in obtaining this certification in order to prove that their product is sustainable
"Los Santos Excelente" Distinction in 2017

The City Council of Los Santos de Maimona granted this award to the most innovative company during 2017.

About Us

Greenfuel Extremadura S.A.

Aware of the global interest in reducing gas emissions and energy dependence, our goal is to produce biofuels based on sustainable raw materials.

National Road N-630, km. 675,7 - Postal Code 06230 Los Santos de Maimona, Badajoz (Spain)

Main Phone: 924 96 90 66